The Difference Between Aids and HIV

The Difference Between Aids and HIV


Many people often confuse between HIV and AIDS. But they should know that these two have different diagnoses and treatments. First, people should know HIV is a virus, and stage 3 of HIV can cause a condition known as AIDS. Before HIV or AIDS often thought they would not live for a longer period of time. But with the development of medical science, people with this condition now can live for a long time. With regular treatment, people with HIV can expect to have a normal life expectancy.


What do you mean by HIV?


HIV is a type of virus that affects our immune system and deteriorates it. HIV, also known as Human immunodeficiency virus, can only attack a human and their immune system. When someone has HIV, the immune system does not work the way it should and becomes prone to other diseases.


How to diagnose HIV?


One can check if they have HIV through HIV testing. People with the virus often termed as HIV positive. But those who have no trace of the virus present in their system get termed as HIV negative. Although people with the new infection might come as negative, one should not have a problem knowing if they have the virus or not.


What do you mean by AIDS?


AIDS also known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a condition and different from HIV, which is a virus. A person with HIV has the possibility of developing AIDS. AIDS or stage 3 HIV often does severe damage to the immune system. The symptoms of AIDS can vary from person to person. People with AIDS usually have a hard time to fight off various infections and diseases due to a damaged immune system. Also, when the immune system becomes weak, the person becomes prone to getting multiple types of cancer.


How to diagnose AIDS?


Most of the time, people with HIV positive should go for a CD4 cell count. If the result comes under 200 cells/mm3 or if they have opportunistic infections, then they might have AIDS.


Does having HIV mean having AIDS?


Having HIV does not necessarily mean getting HIV. According to a study, a few people with HIV can develop AIDS. When people first get tested for HIV, they should opt for the proper treatment. With the right treatment, people won’t develop AIDS. It is important to get treated for this disease as soon as possible because the patient can transmit the virus to someone else. One can strop the transmission of the virus by practicing safe sex. Also, make sure the infectious person’s blood or bodily fluids do not come in contact with a healthy human.


Does HIV always progress to stage 3?


One should keep in mind that HIV does not always go into stage 3. With advanced medical treatment, people with HIV can live a longer period of time without developing AIDS. HIV does not necessarily mean having AIDS, but people with AIDS have already had HIV. But people should know that HIV does not have a total cure, but one can control it with proper treatment.


What is the treatment and life expectancy?


It is important to make sure HIV does not develop into AIDS as the life expectancy drops rapidly. When AIDS develops, one cannot repair the immune system. Antiretroviral treatment and immune system recovery treatment can help patients live for a longer period of time. There are some medicines available Like Tenvir from My Wellness Villa it Slow down the infection of HIV/ AIDS.


Nowadays with the right treatment, people with HIV can live a long and healthy life with any immune system dysfunction. If people develop any symptoms, they should get tested as soon as possible to start the treatment and stop from developing AIDS.



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